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  • Brief: Peru power watch

    The Blanca mountain range in Peru will be the last water reserve to disappear in the country in 2111, according to Benjamín Morales, former head of the local national glacier and mountain ecosystems research institute. Morales made ...

  • Brazil to promote biogas generation

    Electricity production from solid residue landfills could increase to 18% the share of biofuels in Brazil's energy matrix, the energy ministry (MME) reported Wednesday. The federal government says the RenovaBio program will favor...

  • Eólica Energy S.A

    Eólica Energy is a Panamanian firm formed by companies engaged in the energy generation sector. In 2015, Eólica Energy was awarded a contract to provisionally build and operate the 81MW wind farm La Vikinga, located inside the...

  • Chile power watch

    Yingli Green Energy has signed an EPC contract with Jenner Renewables over 146MW of solar plants in Chile, the company said in a press release. The project consists of 12 PV solar plants to be built in two phases: four plants to...

  • Fundación Chile

    Fundación Chile is a private corporation formed in 1976 by the Chilean government and BHP Billiton-Minera Escondida. It is engaged in developing projects to promote innovation in areas such as food, biotechnology, aquaculture, water...