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  • Sulfur solidification plant

    The plant will be the first sulfur solidification plant in Mexico, and will allow to market sulfur in solid state to international markets such as China, India, Brazil and middle-eastern countries. This project comes as a result of...

  • Cellulosic ethanol plant

    The ethanol factory uses non-food plant matter such as sugarcane bagasse and straw to produce ethanol. Owned and operated by GranBio (100%), a wholly owned subsidiary of GranBio Investimentos, this is the first second-generation...

  • Alagoas PVC Plant

    The Alagoas plant began operating in 2012, increasing Braskem's PVC production capacity by 200,000t/y to supply Brazil's growing civil construction industry. The plant made Alagoas state the largest producer of PVC...

  • Butadiene Plant

    Braskem's butadiene plant in Rio Grande do Sul state boosted the firm's total butadiene capacity by 30% to 446,000t/y. Braskem inaugurated the unit at the Triunfo petrochemical complex in September 2012....

  • Petrochemical Suape

    The PetroquimicaSuape petrochemical plant will have three units: one unit to produce purified terephthalic acid (PTA), which is the raw material for the production of polyester, another unit for the production of polymers and...