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  • Mitsubishi Gas Chemical

    Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc (MGC) is part of Japan's global, multi-sectoral Mitsubishi Corporation. Founded in 1918, the MGC group's business is divided into four companies: the Natural Gas Chemicals Company, ...

  • Unitec Bio S.A.

    Unitec Bio is part of Argentine holding Corporación América and it engages in biofuels production in Argentina since 2008. Its main plant is located in Puerto General San Martín with 35.000m3 storage capacity. The company produces 240,...

  • Lanxess, AG

    Lanxess AG is a German chemicals production firm based in Köln which was established in 2005 after the restructuring of the Plastics and Chemicals units of the local group Bayer, whose main shareholder is the US-based corporation...

  • Evonik Industries AG

    Evonik Industries is a chemical product company with operations in many parts of the world. The company's corporate headquarters are in Germany and in South America it operates through its Brazil division. Evonik's...

  • Nexxo S.A.

    Established in 1980, Nexxo S.A. is a industrial solutions company which offers services including chemical cleaning and flushing, maintenance of equipment and decoking. In 2013, Nexxo entered into a partnership and was bought out by...

  • Paraguay mulls plastic bag ban

    Paraguay's ecology, natural resources and environment commission is backing a bill that seeks to reduce the use of polythene plastics. The draft legislation calls for shopping bags made of polythene or other conventional plastics...