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  • Jamaica refinery project hits snag

    Jamaican state refiner Petrojam, which has come under scrutiny following an audit, now faces a new challenge. Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that the government will return a US$100mn loan secured from the Ministry of...

  • Tianqi buys Nutrien's SQM shares

    On Monday morning Nutrien's more than 62mn shares in Chilean fertilizer and non-metallic group SQM were auctioned on the Santiago stock exchange. China's Tianqi Lithium was the only company that submitted an offer and bought all the...

  • Yara expands net profit in Q3

    Norwegian fertilizer company Yara International reported a net profit of US$98mn after non-controlling interests in Q3, compared to US$90mn in the same quarter of 2017. The company said that excluding net foreign currency...

  • SQM submits study to expand iodine plant

    Chilean fertilizer producer SQM submitted an environmental impact study to expand its Nueva Victoria iodine plant in northern Tarapacá region. The project is aimed at incorporating new mining areas for the production of iodide,...

  • Yara falls into net loss in Q2

    Norwegian fertilizer company Yara International reported a net loss of US$211mn after non-controlling interests in Q2, compared to a net profit of US$82mn in the same quarter of 2017, primarily due to a currency translation loss of US$...