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  • Yara falls into net loss in Q2

    Norwegian fertilizer company Yara International reported a net loss of US$211mn after non-controlling interests in Q2, compared to a net profit of US$82mn in the same quarter of 2017, primarily due to a currency translation loss of US$...

  • Colombia hydrocarbons watch

    Considering strategic challenges and as part of its consolidation and transformation process, Colombia's Ecopetrol has modified its management structure to bring it in line with the group's growth and competitiveness stage. The...

  • Unitec Bio S.A.

    Unitec Bio is part of Argentine holding Corporación América and it engages in biofuels production in Argentina since 2008. Its main plant is located in Puerto General San Martín with 35.000m3 storage capacity. The company produces 240,...

  • Financing on Peru LNG radar

    Peru LNG has hired external consultants to conduct a legal and financial due diligence process which was scheduled to begin on Wednesday. "Said process will be carried out in order to evaluate the current situation of the company...