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  • Simpleway Europe a.s.

    Czech Republic company Simpleway Europe is an IT company that develops applications for travel hubs, providing unified passengers information systems. The company has developed three systems: the voice announcement system SimpleVOX;...

  • FDI in Colombia

    Quarterly foreign direct investment in Colombia by sector from the first quarter of 1996 to 3Q2017, covering the following sectors: oil; mines and quarries (including coal); electric power, gas and water; construction; transport,...

  • Brief: Gol cargo service launches chatbot

    Gollog, the cargo transportation service of Brazil's airline Gol, launched a chatbot assistant for online support on its website. Branded Gil, the tool is programmed to answer questions on transportation schedule, units and general ...

  • Dycasa S.A.

    Dycasa S.A., controlled by Spain's ACS Dragados, is an Argentine construction company and public service concessionaire. The company has operations in the waterworks and hydraulic and transport infrastructure sectors. It...

  • Brazil police to dissolve Lava Jato taskforce

    Brazil's federal police have decided to dissolve an exclusive taskforce overseeing the sprawling Lava Jato corruption investigation, drawing criticism from prosecutors due to perceived risks to the progress of ongoing investigations. ...