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  • Brazil's Embratel expands cloud coverage

    Brazilian ICT services provider Embratel, owned by Mexico's América Móvil, has expanded its coverage of cloud services. The company deployed new data processing and storage areas for its Connect Cloud services portfolio. As a...

  • Grupo ASSA S.A.

    Grupo Assa is a consulting and outsourcing firm that helps its customers improve their business processes using IT across Latin America. It provides e-business solutions with high value-added content and back office support systems...

  • AI Inversiones Palo Alto II S.A.C.

    AI Inversiones Palo Alto II S.A.C. (CANVIA), formerly known as GMD S.A., is a business process outsourcing and information technology (IT) outsourcing company based in Peru. The company has over 30 years of experience and was formerly ...

  • SAP to expand LatAm R&D center in Brazil

    SAP will invest 120mn reais (US$31.5mn) in the construction of a new building for its SAP LABS Latin America in the Brazilian city of São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul state, according to local media reports. SAP Labs Latin America...