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  • Latin America faces ICT skills crunch time

    Latin America's public and private sectors must collaborate urgently to train ICT professionals in order for the region to compete in an increasingly digitalized world. Consultancy IDC has predicted that the region could see a...

  • Only 6.5mn Mexicans download paid apps

    Only about 6% of users buy apps, but apps that offer in-app purchases generated the most revenue during 2Q18, according to a study by Mexican telecoms consultancy The CIU. Close to 110mn Mexicans downloaded apps to smartphones, set ...

  • SAP to expand LatAm R&D center in Brazil

    SAP will invest 120mn reais (US$31.5mn) in the construction of a new building for its SAP LABS Latin America in the Brazilian city of São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul state, according to local media reports. SAP Labs Latin America...