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  • Chile Watch: web service oversight, blockchain

    Banking watchdog Sbif has put out to public consultation a proposal to require banks to provide information on the availability of their internet-based services. Lenders would be required to provide information on disruptions, or...

  • Brazil cenbank launches virtual assistant

    Brazil's central bank launched a virtual assistant to help citizens with queries about loans from banks, foreign exchange transactions and general account information. Dubbed Din, the machine-learning and artificial intelligence-pow...

  • Colombia Digital Banking Watch

    The cell phone gateway A study examining Colombians first introduction to the formal market of financial obligations found that contracting a mobile phone plan (35.4%) was the most common way, followed by retail sector credit (31%)...

  • Chile ATM operator thwarts potential attack

    Chilean ATM network operator Redbanc received an alert of a potential cyberattack in December but said that operations were unaffected. In a statement released this week, the company said that it had immediately activated security...

  • Argentina card transactions rise

    The number of credit and debit card transactions in Argentina grew 13.3% and 15.3%, respectively, year-on-year in November, local newspaper El Cronista reported, citing research from card industry association Atacyc. Transaction...

  • Digital lender Nubank to launch debit card

    Brazilian digital lender Nubank will launch a debit card to make its product range more complete. The move comes only weeks after it received authorization from the country's central bank to operate as a full-service financial...