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  • Shadow Brokers strikes Chile again

    Hacking has hit the news in Chile for the third time in the past week, as the email accounts and passwords of 38 congress members were leaked by the hacker group known as Shadow Brokers. Shadow Brokers has also taken responsibility ...

  • Peruvian SMEs start using Bim mobile wallet

    Over 300 small store owners in the Peruvian cities of Lima and Piura have become the first users of the mobile wallet service known as Bim, a joint venture between Peru's national banking association Asbanc and Latin American...

  • Fintech spotlight shines on Uruguay

    In Latin America 54.4% of adults have an account at a bank or mobile money provider, below the global average of 68.5%, according to the World Bank's Global Findex Database. However, in the region 55% of adults own a mobile phone...