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  • Mexico's Megacable evaluating MVNO option

    Megacable, one of Mexico's largest triple-play providers, reported a 13.8% year-on-year jump in profits during Q2 to 1.32bn pesos (US$69mn) as it continues to evaluate offering mobile connectivity to its subscribers in the near future,...

  • Data watch: Brazil pay TV

    Brazil lost 814,050 pay TV subscriptions in the last 12 months as of April, 8,830 in April alone, and saw its base decline to 17.9mn subscribers, regulator Anatel reported. São Paulo state hast the largest number of subscriptions (3...

  • ICT: The week in 10 stories

    4G connections in Chile grew by 4.74mn or 57% in the 12 months to June to 13mn, according to the latest statistics from telecoms regulator Subtel. UK systems integrator Logicalis has completed a US$20.2mn acquisition of Chilean ICT ...

  • Pay TV in Brazil

    Monthly number of accesses by operator and operator market share, from January 2012 to July 2018. Monthly combined totals also provided. ...