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  • Brazil e-commerce set for a strong 2019

    Brazil's e-commerce sales are expected to grow 16% this year, the highest rate since 2015, according to estimates from sector association ABComm. According to ABComm head Mauricio Salvador, renewed optimism regarding the economy...

  • Brazil resumes biometric ID project

    The Brazilian government is reviving initiatives to unify different citizen identification numbers into a single, digital ID, federal news service Agência Brasil reported. The idea is to make the digital ID biometric and accessible ...

  • Colombia Digital Banking Watch

    The cell phone gateway A study examining Colombians first introduction to the formal market of financial obligations found that contracting a mobile phone plan (35.4%) was the most common way, followed by retail sector credit (31%)...

  • Oi, Pharol closes deal to end litigation

    Brazilian telco Oi entered into an agreement with shareholder Bratel/Pharol, linked to Portugal Telecom, to end "any and all judicial and extrajudicial litigation in Brazil, Portugal and all the various countries where there are...

  • Online Christmas sales up 13.5% in Brazil

    E-commerce sales during this year's Christmas season in Brazil, which began on November 15 and ended on December 24, reached 9.9bn reais (US$2.56bn), up 13.5% from the same period of last year according to consultancy Ebit. The...

  • Brazil creates data protection authority

    In one of the last acts of his presidency, Brazil's Michel Temer (pictured) signed a provisional decree creating the national authority for the protection of personal data (ANPD). The decree was published in the federal gazette on...