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  • Brazil candidates call for single digital ID

    Five presidential candidates have called for bringing Brazil's different identification numbers into a single digital ID. João Amôedo, Guilherme Boulos, Henrique Meirelles, Geraldo Alckmin and Marina Silva presented their views on...

  • The state of Brazilian startups

    Being the biggest economy in the region, it's no surprise that Brazil has one of the largest startup ecosystems in Latin America, with thousands of early-stage companies. All the companies face growing challenges, though, and...

  • R&D investment not high on Chile's agenda

    Chile's government is less focused on increasing investment in research and development in the short term than modernizing legislation and closing the digital infrastructure divide, the country's economy minister José Ramón Valente...

  • BBVA launches tech firm

    Spanish bank BBVA is launching a new tech company to work on emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and big data, with offices in Spain and Mexico, the bank said in a statement. BBVA Next...