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  • Oi, Pharol closes deal to end litigation

    Brazilian telco Oi entered into an agreement with shareholder Bratel/Pharol, linked to Portugal Telecom, to end "any and all judicial and extrajudicial litigation in Brazil, Portugal and all the various countries where there are...

  • Court delays Oi general creditors' meeting

    The corporate court in Rio de Janeiro overseeing the bankruptcy case of Brazilian telco Oi has granted the company's request to postpone a general meeting of creditors. The first call for the meeting was scheduled for October 9,...

  • Oi's new reorg plan to provide fresh cash

    Brazilian telco Oi's latest judicial reorganization plan foresees the injection of 4bn reais (US$1.2bn) by creditors via a debt-to-equity conversion. The plan – which was signed off by major bondholders that are the telco'...

  • Safra acquires preferred shares in Brazil's Oi

    J.SAFRA, the investment arm of Brazil's Banco Safra, has acquired 16.47% of the preferred shares of bankruptcy-struggling telco Oi. In a market statement, Oi said the group made two operations: one consisted of the acquisition of 7....