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  • Senior Solution

    Senior Solution provides technology products and services to serve the needs of the financial industry. The company provides solutions for banking, asset management, internet and security, and insurance. Services offered include...

  • Surecomp

    Established in 1987, Surecomp is an international banking software development company, specializing in trade finance solutions. Its products include electronic banking, confirmation matching, internet-based trade finance, front and...

  • Diebold, Inc.

    Colombia's Industrial Consulting Group (ICG) provides commissioning and start-up services for oil & gas industrial facilities. It offers specialized assistance in inspection, analysis and testing before commencing...

  • Latin America's FDI trending downward

    Dragged down by the impact of low commodities prices on investments in the natural resources sector, foreign direct investment declined 7.9% in Latin America last year to US$167bn. An FDI study unveiled by Santiago-based Eclac on...

  • Evertec Inc.

    Evertec is a full service transaction processing business in Latin America and the Caribbean. The company operates in three segments: Merchant Acquiring, Payment Processing, and Business Solutions, across 19 countries in the region,...