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  • La Laja dam

    The project entails building a dam that will allow improving the drinking water service, enhancing touristic growth in the region and promoting economic and social development....

  • Paltuture dam

    The Paltuture project arises from the need to provide water for agricultural irrigation in the Tambo valley in Arequipa department and create new areas of agricultural production in the department of Moquegua. The proposed dam will...

  • Catemu reservoir

    The project entails the construction of a dam wall and reservoir that will collect water from the Aconcagua river. The reservoir will improve irrigation for 3,236 plots of farmland, which equates to 6,530ha in this agricultural area,...

  • Longaví dam

    The project consists of the construction of a new reservoir on the Longaví River, which would provide greater irrigation security to about 4 thousand users of the Longaví River Board and its tributaries, and would be used as a...