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  • Amazon waterway system

    The project involves developing the fluvial network in the Peruvian Amazon in order to provide year-round navigability and improve transport as a means to stimulate economic and social growth. Works are to be carried out over various...

  • El Melón tunnel retender

    The El Melón tunnel project (retendered) involves the construction, maintenance and operation of highway infrastructure that will boost capacity and safety. Project elements include ventilation, lighting and traffic management systems....

  • Linares hospital

    The project encompasses the construction of a new hospital, to be built on a 5.29ha site. The hospital is classified in the replacement category, which means it would replace an existing hospital that is old or in a poor state of...

  • Pucallpa new port

    The objective of the project is to provide a modern and competitive port terminal that serves as a multimodal link to give continuity to the transport flow between the Callao-Pucallpa highway and the Ucayali waterway, allowing a...

  • San Antonio outer harbour

    A new port is a necessity, as it is expected that current port infrastructure will reach capacity by the year 2024, affecting national competitiveness. The new port will also be adapted to receive post-Panamax vessels. In addition to...