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  • North Lima cable car

    The project involves the construction and operation of a cable car system connecting the Naranjal BRT station with the San Carlos subway line. The cable car system will have five stations and involves complementary works and the...

  • Nogales-Puchuncaví route

    The initiative involves improvements, construction work and operation of the road between Nogales and Puchuncaví, known as Ruta F-20. The tender will be the second on this road as the first concession was awarded in 1995 and is due to ...

  • New Río Bueno hospital

    The new Río Bueno hospital will replace the aging existing hospital facility in the town. With its 26,000m2 construction, regional authorities hope to improve health services in Ranco province and relieve pressure on the hospital in...

  • Lima ringroad

    The project involves the design, construction and operation of a beltway around Peruvian capital Lima, which would reach Callao district in the west. The beltway would be starting at the intersection of Avenida Elmer Faucett and...

  • La Paz clinics hospital

    The project consists of building a new hospital facility to replace the antiquated clinics hospital. The existing infrastructure, in service since 1919, is inadequate and doctors find themselves operating with equipment that is 50...

  • Parnaíba river waterway

    The project involves implementing a waterway on the Parnaíba river that will allow grain to be transported to the state capital Teresina. From there, the grain can be transported to Itaqui port in Maranhão state capital São Luís and...