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  • Río Córdoba coal port

    The project entails the construction of a 1.5km encapsulated conveyor belt reaching out to a new 300m dock in order to increase the loading capacity to between 6,000t-8,000t/h from the current 3,000t/h. It also includes the dredging...

  • Las Condes light rail

    The project includes construction of an 11-station light-rail transit (LRT) line connecting the districts of Las Condes, Vitacura and Lo Barnechea (all within the metropolitan area of Chilean capital Santiago). Train car capacity...

  • Ciudad de México tramway

    The Mexico City tramway project aims to improve urban transportation and reduce high pollution rates in the Mexican capital, reducing travel times and expenses in maintaining road infrastructure. Potential users in the base corridor...

  • Cosac II

    Lima's high-capacity segregated corridor, part of the city's new public transport network, will be built with funding from IDB and the World Bank. The Metropolitano project is a high-performance BRT on segregated...