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  • Reconquista-Goya bridge

    The Reconquista-Goya project, will count with 16 bridges built across the floodplain, and a suspension bridge over the Paraná river, will connect Argentine Mesopotamia (Entre Ríos, Misiones and Corrientes provinces) to the rest of the ...

  • Guaíba bridge II

    The project involves the construction of a second bridge that will alleviate heavy traffic, which is exacerbated by the raising of the old bridge. Including access roads and overpasses, the bridge will have two lanes in each direction....

  • Autopista al Mar 2

    The project, involving part of a highway in Colombia's Antioquia department, encompasses studies, design, finance, environmental management, construction and operation. Autopista al Mar 2 is included in the Autopistas para la ...

  • Manzanillo rail tunnel

    Colima state's Manzanillo railway tunnel will connect the Vaso II railway viaduct at Laguna de Cuyutlán with Manzanillo port, benefitting almost 140,000 residents. The project will allow trains to avoid the congested city...

  • Vialidad Rionegrina

    Vialidad Rionegrina is an autonomous company of State of Argentina operating through the Ministry of Public Works and Services. It was established in 2012 for planning, construction, maintenance, administration and improvement of the...

  • Loa routes highway

    The private initiative involves the rehabilitation, operation, and construction of two additional lanes for, expanding Ruta 25 into a four-lane highway. The project also involves the construction of a ring road section around the...