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  • Chile opens Concepción underpass

    Chile's public works minister Juan Andrés Fontaine opened the newly tunneled Bonilla roundabout in Concepción, capital of southern Biobío region. The 15bn-peso (US$23mn) project was part of the Concepción-Cabrero concession, held by...

  • Guaíba bridge II

    The project involves the construction of a second bridge that will alleviate heavy traffic, which is exacerbated by the raising of the old bridge. Including access roads and overpasses, the bridge will have two lanes in each direction....

  • Autopista al Mar 2

    The project, involving part of a highway in Colombia's Antioquia department, encompasses studies, design, finance, environmental management, construction and operation. Autopista al Mar 2 is included in the Autopistas para la ...

  • Manzanillo rail tunnel

    Colima state's Manzanillo railway tunnel will connect the Vaso II railway viaduct at Laguna de Cuyutlán with Manzanillo port, benefitting almost 140,000 residents. The project will allow trains to avoid the congested city...