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  • Aleatica Chile S.A.

    OHL Concesiones Chile S.A., the local unit of Spanish group OHL's concessions division, was established in 2002 when it was awarded the concession to build and operate the Los Andes, del Sol and Los Libertadores highways,...

  • Loa routes highway

    The private initiative involves the rehabilitation, operation, and construction of two additional lanes for, expanding Ruta 25 into a four-lane highway. The project also involves the construction of a ring road section around the...

  • Pacífico 2 highway

    The project is split into two units. Unit 1 is for the rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of the La Pintada-La Primavera highway; and unit 2 includes work on the Bolombolo-La Pintada highway, which includes one tunnel and 92...