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  • Cargo X

    Launched in 2016, CargoX is an "asset-free" cargo transport e-commerce services company that connects self-employed truck drivers in Brazil to shippers in need of logistics services. It currently operates a network of 100,000 trucks....

  • Orica Chile S.A.

    Orica Chile S.A., subsidiary of the Australian company Orica Limited (1874) established in Santiago, is a provider of commercial explosives and blasting systems, rock reinforcement, and sodium cyanide, for mining, infrastructure and...

  • Codelco Tech SpA

    Codelco Tech SpA, founded in 2017 as a subsidiary of Codelco, is a firm aimed at innovation, development and implementation of technologies formed by the union of Biosigma, IM2 and CodelcoLab. Codelco Tech offers technological...