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  • Quiborax S.A.

    Quiborax, founded in 1986, is a Chilean company that mines ulexite from the Surire and Ascotan salt lakes, located in Chile's northern Arica y Parinacota and Antofagasta regions respectively. The company processes ore to...

  • Alset Minerals Corp.

    Alset Minerals Corp., formerly Alset Energy Corp., is a Canadian publicly-traded junior mining company founded in 2003 and headquartered in Vancouver aimed at acquiring, exploring and developing lithium and potassium projects. In...

  • Magdalena

    The Magdalena borate project consists of two concession blocks covering a total of 15,508ha. The initiative consists of three main borate zones: El Cajon, Bellota and Pozo Nuevo. Other targets include the recently discovered Represo...