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  • Ausenco Ltd.

    Ausenco Ltd. is an Australian engineering and project management firm that provides program management, project management, technical solutions, engineering, global procurement, construction management, commissioning and control...

  • ALS Patagonia S.A.

    Australia-based ALS Patagonia S.A. is an international company engaged in testing, analysis and certification services. Founded in 1863 the company is headquartered in Queensland, Australia. In 1981 was acquired by Campbell Brothers...

  • SGS S.A.

    SGS, established in 1878, is an inspection, verification, testing and certification company that provides services for the agriculture & food, chemical, consumer goods & retail, construction, energy, life sciences, industrial...

  • BNamericas

    Business News Americas (BNamericas) is an online source of daily business information and intelligence on Latin America. Its services include the publication of analytical reports, news, statistical data, project and company profiles...

  • Itasca S.A.

    Itasca S.A. is the Chilean subsidiary of international consulting group Itasca International Inc., and provides engineering consulting services, including geotechnics and geomechanics primarily targeted for the mining and civil works...