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  • Tomsa Destil, S.L.

    Tomsa Destil S.L. is a Spanish company engaged in the biofuel industry and dedicated to design, supply, assembly and operation of industrial processes, as well as development of plants and project management. In 2017, Tomsa Destil...

  • Argentina hydrocarbons watch

    Argentina hiked prices for biodiesel and ethanol bound for refineries on Friday. The energy ministry increased the price of biodiesel by 7% to 19.498 pesos (US$0.78) per liter, according to a decree in the official bulletin. ...

  • Colombia eyes bioenergy ramp-up

    Colombia's Valle del Cauca department could double its capacity to generate electricity from organic waste in the near-term, according to the Cali chamber of commerce (CCC). The region in southwestern Colombia is responsible for...

  • Pemex launches digitization drive

    Mexico's Pemex has launched a US$250mn digitization strategy aimed at making the state oil firm more competitive and its production processes more efficient. CEO Carlos Treviño said during an oil and gas technology forum that the...

  • Petrobras advances sale of biofuel plant

    Brazil's Petrobras has started the non-binding phase regarding the sale of 100% of the shares held by its subsidiary Petrobras Biocombustíveis (PBio) in BSBios, the state-run oil firm announced Monday. The stake corresponds to 50%...

  • Pemex plans more strategic alliances

    Pemex will continue with its alliances and farmout strategy with the aim of increasing production, and will soon launch a strategic partnership program that will include fields for both exploration and production, company CEO Carlos...