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  • AT A GLANCE: Venezuelan natural gas

    In 2007 Venezuela's then president Hugo Chávez launched the Revolución Gasífera to inject new impetus into the country's natural gas sector and increase the fuel's use in the industrial, power, petrochemical, oil and residential...

  • Pemex acquires local fertilizer group

    Pemex subsidiary Pemex Fertilizantes completed the purchase of Mexican fertilizer company Grupo Fertinal for US$255mn. In a statement, the Mexican NOC said the acquisition will add close to 1.2Mt of production capacity. Pemex...

  • Trinidad to review LNG deals

    Trinidad and Tobago will review all LNG marketing agreements and work to ensure that new deals are equitable. "With many of our commercial pricing arrangements tied to a US destination, this country is realizing netbacks well below ...

  • How to place your company at the top

    Twenty years ago, being listed on the Yellow Pages and advertising here and there was enough to 'exist' in any business community. But today a client looking to hire services or acquire goods has a nearly infinite number of...