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  • São Martinho S.A.

    São Martinho S.A. is a Brazilian publicly-traded company focused on the planting of sugarcane and the subsequent production of sugar, ethanol (both anhydrous and hydrous) and other sugarcane by-products (including ribonucleic acid,...

  • Colombia eyes bioenergy ramp-up

    Colombia's Valle del Cauca department could double its capacity to generate electricity from organic waste in the near-term, according to the Cali chamber of commerce (CCC). The region in southwestern Colombia is responsible for...

  • Tereos S.A.

    Tereos S.A. (Tereos) is a Brazilian company controlled by the sugar-power French group Tereos which was incorporated in 1967 as an alcohol producer and which currently produces sugar, ethanol and power in Brazil. Based in Rio de...