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  • Offshore in Latin America

    3/29/16 - By James Fredrick
    Budgets across the globe have been slashed, companies are offloading bulky projects, and drilling is falling everywhere. Given the belt-tightening, it would seem an odd time to talk about Latin American offshore oil. These plays...

  • Oil and Gas Survey 2016

    1/29/16 - By Christopher Lenton
    Oil prices continue to batter the global oil and gas industry. Our annual survey brings together experts on the subject in Latin America and helps offer a picture of where oil and gas is today, and where it going in 2016 and beyond....

  • Oil and Gas Survey 2015

    1/28/15 - By Christopher Lenton
    Oil prices have crashed. How does this impact the oil and gas business in Latin America? The 2015 survey suggests reason for concern, but also offers clues as to where we are headed, and what will be needed in preparation....