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Entel Bolivia (Entel S.A.)


Entel Bolivia - Entel S.A.

Bolivian state-run telecom operator Entel offers internet access, fixed local, long distance and mobile services. Entel was the state owned incumbent until 1995 when it was privatized and became a subsidiary of Telecom Italia. In May 2008, the Bolivian government issued a decree providing for the nationalization of the Telecom Italia Group's investment in Entel. Entel holds a dominant position in the local telecoms market with 100% coverage of the national territory. It controls 68% of Bolivia's long-distance market, 67% of the mobile market through Entel Móvil and 90% of the internet market. Entel Bolivia is headquartered in La Paz, Bolivia.

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Entel Bolivia Data and Contacts

Name: Entel Bolivia
Address: Federico Suazo # 1771, Esquina calle Tiwanaku
City: La Paz
Country: Bolivia
Phone number: 591-2-2141010
Sector: Telecommunications
Subsectors: Internet/Data

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