Gas Natural Fenosa in talks for AMR smart grid technology

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spanish energy firm Gas Natural Fenosa is in negotiations with California's Conectisys to purchase an AMR automatic metering system for its distribution operations in Nicaragua.

"We are currently negotiating a contract with Gas Natural Fenosa," Conectisys investor relations manager Luca Spigno told BNamericas. "We've already put into place a demonstration that was a success. We are currently negotiating terms on a purchase order contract. It will be a milestone for our company, as they are one of the largest utilities worldwide."

The AMR system benefits consumers by providing real time information on energy consumption and allows utilities greater efficiency as they are better able to determine grid requirements. Additionally, the system helps eliminate fraud, according to Spigno.

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"We can notify the utility when any sort of irregular activity is going on based on our system," Spigno said. "Gas Natural Fenosa is especially interested in the fraud monitoring, which costs the company millions of dollars every month."

In addition to Nicaragua, Conectisys is in negotiations with distributors in Panama and Costa Rica.

In Nicaragua, Gas Natural Fenosa controls local distributors Disnorte and Dissur.