American Hydro to upgrade Belize plant

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

American Hydro will overhaul the 25.2MW Mollejón hydroelectric plant in Belize in what will be the company's first foray into the Central American market, its parent Wärtsilä announced Tuesday.

The firm was awarded a contract by Belize Electric Company to upgrade the plant, located on the Macal river about 110km from Belize City, replacing old turbine components to increase plant efficiency.

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The plant has annual energy production of approximately 125GWh.

The agreement includes new turbine runners, stationary turbine seals, wicket gates and rehabilitation of essential operating components as well as technical support of disassembly, installation and commissioning, Finland's Wärtsilä said.

Installation and commissioning of the turbine unit is slated for June 2018, prior to Belize's wet season.

In August, Wärtsilä brought a 47MW thermoelectric plant into operation in Argentina, in Villa Ocampo, Santa Fe province.