Report pegs small islands' renewable potential at 1.62GW

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The technical potential for renewable energy development of small Caribbean island nations reaches 1.62GW, according to a report released by the Organization of American States' sustainable development department.

The bulk of potential comes from Antigua and Barbuda with 427MW (400MW wind, 27MW solar), highlights the Caribbean energy policy and sector analysis.

Another 392MW are in Dominica (300MW geothermal, 45MW solar, 30MW wind, 17MW hydro), 331MW in St Kitts and Nevis (300MW geothermal, 16MW solar, 10MW biomass, 5MW wind), 246MW in St Lucia (170MW geothermal, 40MW wind, 36MW solar, 0.2MW hydro), 145MW in St Vincent and the Grenadines (100MW geothermal, 23MW solar, 10MW hydro, 8MW wind, 4MW biomass), 73MW in the Bahamas (58MW solar, 15MW wind) and 5.5MW in Grenada (5MW wind, 0.5MW hydro).

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"The Caribbean region has geographical and geological features that lead to unique opportunities for renewable energy technology implementation," highlights the study.

The report adds that the most common generation technology currently used in the Caribbean is medium to low speed internal combustion engines that run on diesel or heavy fuel oil.