San Juan province's Punta Negra dam on schedule for 2015 startup

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Punta Negra dam project in Argentina's San Juan province is 14% complete and on schedule to start operations in February 2015, the provincial government said in a statement.

The US$410mn project, managed by provincial power utility Epse, will produce 360GWh/y from two 31.6MW turbines when complete.

The dam is the third of a hydro complex on the province's San Juan river, and is being built between the existing Los Caracoles and Ullum dams.

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The contract for construction of the project was awarded in 2009 to a temporary consortium formed between local firms Techint and Panedile.

Construction of Punta Negra is being financed using energy revenues from the existing dams, according to a previous report from state news service Télam.

A further two dam projects named El Tambolar and El Horcajo are planned for the complex, with construction to start when Punta Negra begins generation.