Telefónica Movistar México offers products and services through IPv6

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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Press release from Telefónica México

Mexico City, October 15, 2018, IPv6 technology is the latest version of the Internet protocol, and Telefónica Movistar Mexico is evolving its products to offer its customers this state-of-the-art technology.

Telefónica Movistar México has promoted the use of the new IPv6 Internet protocol from the beginning, participating actively in the worldwide launch organized by the Internet Society (ISOC). This technology allows an end-to-end data connection without the need for intermediate address translation agents, thus enhancing the "Internet of Things", where numerous current and future devices, such as computers, smartphones or telemetry equipment, are they will communicate with each other in a simpler and more transparent way.

The IPv6 protocol also allows increasing the number of connected devices, since it defines a much larger number of addresses than the previous IPv4 protocol, in which there are only 4 billion possible addresses, IPv6 multiplies this value by several thousand quadrillions, resulting in a virtually unlimited number of potential addresses. The IPv6 protocol has been designed to replace the previous protocol, being able to coexist simultaneously, so this replacement will be gradual.

"Telefónica Movistar México has focused its strategy of evolution of Internet networks and services in the implementation of IPv6 services on web pages and public servants, as well as in its corporate buildings, now also the business clients of the company that count or contract the services of 'Dedicated Internet' and 'Private Enterprise Network' will be able to simultaneously use IPv4 and IPv6 so that, at their own pace, they can eliminate IPv4 from their own networks," said Omar Calvo, Director of Network Engineering.

Since February 2017, LACNIC, the body responsible for managing and distributing IP addresses for Latin America and the Caribbean, entered a phase of exhaustion in which it no longer gives IPv4 addresses to companies that already have them; as of that date it only grants IPv6 addresses.

Telefónica Movistar México, is committed to the future of the Internet, and will continue working to have more products and services available in IPv4 and IPv6 while customers and netizens make their change over the next few years.