Coalianza projects reach US$925mn in private investment

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Between 2011 and 2013 Honduras' public-private promotion agency, Coalianza, has tendered five infrastructure projects and directly awarded one, representing a total of US$925mn in foreign direct investment in the country, according to a presentation from Coalianza.

The largest portions of the projects are in road infrastructure, while the agency has also tendered projects in the port, airport, energy and services sector.

Current projects include the US$6.5mn construction of the Río Amarillo airport in Copán department that will be tendered in December and a US$107.2mn concession contract for the construction and operation of Palmerola airport to be awarded in November.

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Projects already tendered include the US$90.5mn logistics corridor that consists of a 20-year concession to build, repair and maintain 641km of roads between the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. The concessionaire, Consortium Vial de Honduras (Covihonduras), has already started repair works on the Río Choloma bridge.


Studies are also being carried out for the US$98.2mn, 123km tourism corridor tollroad that will link San Pedro Sula, La Barca and Tela in the north of the country.

A tender for a 30-year concession to build and operate the highway was awarded to a consortium consisting of CI Grodco and Profesionales de la Construcción de Honduras (Prodecon) in December 2012, while a consortium, comprised of Japanese companies Nippon Koei, Nippon Koei Latin America-Caribbean and local company Gabinete Técnico will act as supervisor.

Construction is due to start in December this year.


Local companies Consultores en Ingeniería and GeoConsult are currently carrying out topography and soil mechanics studies for construction of a US$624mn, 50ha container terminal in Cortés port.

Filipino company International Container Terminal Services was awarded a concession to operate the terminal in February this year and a tender to select a local company to construct the required temporary buildings is underway.

Construction is expected to start in December this year.


In May, Coalianza awarded a tender for the construction of a bulk terminal in Cortés port to COPRECA-CYES, a consortium of Spanish and Guatemalan companies, while a consortium made up of Multisur and Grupo Naviero Peninsular won the tender to operate the terminal.

Construction of the US$50mn project will start in August and is expected to wrap in November.


Construction company William & Molina started the first phase of the US$12mn rehabilitation of the Gracias highway in the west of Honduras in July and a tender for the second phase works will be awarded in August.

First phase works are expected to wrap in December.

Further details on tenders scheduled for 2013-2014 can be found in Coalianza's presentation here.