Peña Nieto seeks US$5.73bn for 2013 infrastructure budget

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's government has proposed a 73.3bn-peso (US$5.73bn) budget for infrastructure projects in 2013, up 0.6% from 2012, according to the national budget published on December 7.

The 73.3bn-peso budget for the communications and transport ministry, SCT, seeks to "decisively promote the development of highway, rail and port infrastructure in order to close the gap between various regions of the country and to ensure economic growth and competition," according to a release from the national finance ministry, SHCP.

The proposal includes 26.2bn pesos for highway infrastructure, the majority of which will be invested in the construction and modernization of 400km of highways.

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Port infrastructure is set to receive 1.99bn pesos for modernization, expansion and conservation works, while some 2.02bn pesos has been assigned to rail infrastructure.

Budget allocations have been made for specific projects including expansion of Guaymas port in Sonora state, as the current port "is saturated and requires additional space to meet growing demand, particularly in the exportation of bulk minerals," according to the budget.

Some 400mn pesos has been assigned to the first phase of expansion works, which will include an area of 1,708ha of land.

The SCT also plans to invest 46.6mn pesos in pre-feasibility studies for the Mexico-Querétaro high-speed rail link, 30mn pesos in pre-investment studies for the Yucatán trans-peninsular train and 74.5mn pesos in pre-investment studies for the Mexico-Toluca train.

The lower house is currently reviewing the budget and must agree on the final version by year-end.