Social Security Min Berzoini pledges IT investment

Monday, January 27, 2003

Brazilian Social Security Minister Ricardo Berzoini said the government intends to invest in information technology and improve social security tax collection systems, O Estado de S. Paulo reported Monday.

Berzoini, who is leading the national debate on pension reform, expressed concern about social security tax evasion and said that updated computer software would help the government crack down on offenders.

The minister said the government's objective is to obtain more qualitative information on existing taxpayers and curb tax fraud. Berzoini said that the government's DataPrev computer system is outdated.

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The minister made the announcement from the sidelines of a meeting with a group of retirees and pensioners gathered in the city of Aparecida, Sao Paulo state, to discuss Brazil's welfare reform on Sunday.

"We will raise money this year to invest in information technology. We are not going to use money from the 2003 budget because there is not enough to cover our needs in this area," Berzoni said.