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How virtualization helps disruption
Southern Copper using video system to monitor Peru assets
Multi-billion dollar credit line in Brazil could fund waterworks, IT
Mexican fintechs entering banking market 'byte by byte'
AT&T signs deal with Mexico to provide weather alerts

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WebRadar: Alliances with private sector, universities for IoT analytics
izzi Telecom partners with Arris to deliver HDT
Brazil issues guidelines on Samsung, Nokia phones
Antel to provide free wi-fi in Montevideo
Philips takes 'smarter' home lighting system to LatAm
The digitalization of an airline
Costa Rica seeking US$137mn in medical technology
Brazil tablet sales slide due to range of market factors
Weak peso leads Netflix to raise prices in Mexico
Wayra opens start-up application process
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Wayra opens start-up application process

Wayra is particularly interested in projects related to the Internet of Things (IoT), security and projects related to network infrastructure and big data. It is preferable, though not absolutely necessary, that the projects have already begun selling their products.