Módulo: E-crime bill to enter congress

Monday, March 22, 2004

Rio de Janeiro state senator Marcelo Crivella plans to approve bill 84/99 this week, which if passed, would establish guidelines for punishing electronic crimes, Brazilian e-security company Módulo Security said in a statement.

The bill "perfects and extends the field of penal categories already existent, with the objective of incorporating current times, the Digital Era, to our legal base: [something that was impossible to have foreseen at the time of the confection of our Penal Code, in 1940," according to Crivella's report.

Crivella, of the Liberal Party (PL), examined the bill on behalf of the senate's constitutional, justice and citizenship commission, and has proposed a number of changes. He wants to exclude references to online child pornography, as these were included in another law passed in November dealing with the broader issue of child pornography.

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The senator has also suggested including penalties for sending false information electronically. The commission will now hear Crivella's report and then vote on the bill and proposed amendments, after which it will proceed to further senate commissions.

In November 2003, the lower house passed the bill, which was originally proposed by Pernambuco state representative Luiz Piauhylino of the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB).