Argentina, Venezuela cooperate on open source software

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Argentina and Venezuela have started working together on the development of open source software, Venezuela's ICT ministry said in a statement.

The development teams of Argentina's Huayra and Venezuela's Canaima GNU/Linux operating systems have met, and will continue working, to exchange their knowledge and experiences for the development of their systems.

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In March 2013, the government of Argentina launched Huayra, which is based on Linux and is currently being used by the government for the laptops provided to schools and students under digital inclusion program Conectar Igualdad.

The launch of the second version of the system is scheduled for March 2014.

Meanwhile, Venezuela's Canaima GNU/Linux is used in 51% of the government's workstations. The system also supports the government's Canaima Educativo program, which provides computers to school-age children for educational use, delivering around 2.8mn since its launch in January 2011.