Red Hat: Open source "more secure" than proprietary

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Open source technologies are "more secure" than software that is developed in a proprietary way, Red Hat's JBoss middleware business unit general manager, Mike Piech, said in a meeting with journalists.

On the one hand, open source software code is freely available, which means that hackers will see how to hack it. But, on the other, there is also a vast community of people working to maintain open source software security.

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In many regions, Red Hat's partners are heavily engaged in the open source community, and have knowledge of how hackers are trying to exploit loopholes in technologies – knowledge which they contribute to that community.

The end result is that the good guys are more numerous than the bad guys, and that is the "best way" to stay ahead of hackers, Piech said.

This is the current reality, he added, and a security strategy which Red Hat will aim to maintain in the future.

Founded in 1993, Red Hat is a US-based Linux operating systems provider.