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Press freedom organizations unite to condemn Ecuador media law, Correa hits back

Press freedom organizations unite to condemn Ecuador media law, Correa hits back

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A range of international press freedom organizations have united to condemn the recently passed media law in Ecuador, while the country's President Rafael Correa has continued to hit back at critics.

The coordinating committee of press freedom organizations - comprised of bodies including the International Association of Broadcasting (IAB), World Press Freedom Committee (WPFC), International Press Institute (IPI) and the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) - approved a resolution calling attention to the increasing loss of press freedoms and fundamental rights in Ecuador.

The most significant change to come out of the law is the redistribution of frequency used for broadcasting, to public and community media, but other articles including measures against so-called "media lynching" which forbid the dissemination of information with the aim of discrediting individuals or legal entities have also caused concern among international organizations...

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