Tablets, smartphones seen growing respective 70%, 43% in 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Chile's tablet and smartphone markets are set to grow 70% and 43% respectively in 2012, Marco Soto, consultancy IDC's Southern Cone senior analyst for consumer and commercial devices, told press.

At a presentation of IDC's top 10 predictions for 2012, Soto said Android had accounted for the largest part of the 100,000 tablets sold in the country in 2011.

In the same year, 2.3mn smartphones were sold, and they now make up some 25% of the total handset market. The traditional mobile handset market is due to grow 21% in 2012.

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Among IDC's predictions are the growth of the "fourth screen" and the "consumerization" of IT.

IDC believes that tablets will not replace either desktops or laptops. But tablets will change the ecosystem and provide an alternative, complementary use designed more creating content, said Ricardo Villate, IDC's VP for research and consulting.

"Tablets are not cannibalizing smartphones. More cannibalization is likely between tablets and netbooks," Villate said.

As regards IT's consumerization, Villate said an increasing "elite" of consumers are well versed in using technology and can bring innovation from the devices they use at home to the workplace.

This new generation of tech savvy consumer will change the way that decisions are made at work and the investments that are made in IT, influencing the choices of CIOs and IT departments.