Telebras takes its backbone, PNBL to Pernambuco state

Friday, August 17, 2012

Brazil's state-run telco Telebras is extending its backbone into northeastern Pernambuco state, according to a telco statement.

The agreement was signed this week by Telebras authorities with Pernambuco institute of technology (ITEP) officials. Under the terms, Telebras will integrate its backbone to ITEP's network, which is said to allow the implementation of the national broadband plan PNBL in the state.

The integration also expects to provide the state with greater telco infrastructure to meet the demands during Fifa's Confederations Cup in 2013 and World Cup in 2014, as Pernambuco capital Recife is one of both tournament's host-cities.

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Furthermore, Telebras noted that the high-speed internet can be used by the Pernambuco government to wire its institutions, namely schools, hospitals and offices, as well as the entities that make up the private network of the federal government in the state.

In the coming days, Telebras will deploy a point of presence (POP) in ITEP's facilities to reach the fiber optics of its own backbone, enabling the full integration of the networks.

"For Telebras, this means another step in expanding our backbone, ensuring quality and high speed internet to the population of Pernambuco, apart from extending the PNBL and wiring the cities of the Confederations Cup, which is already next year," said the president of Telebras, Caio Bonilha.