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China signs US$300mn aqueduct deal with Argentina

China has signed a US$300mn deal with Argentina to build two aqueducts in the central-eastern Argentine province of Entre Ríos. View more »

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Edison Carlos

Eye on Brazil's PAC waterworks

Edison Carlos President

Not everything has gone as smoothly as expected with Brazil's multibillion dollar, eight-year growth acceleration plan PAC, which involves a series of ambitious projects to improve the c ... View more »


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Christopher Lenton

Venezuela's distancing from the world

Christopher Lenton Editor

In early July, Venezuelan daily El Universal was sold to a little-known Spanish investment firm called Epalisticia. This is the third recent sale of a major media group in Venezuela, followi... View more »

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Friday, May 23, 2014

This week, Chile was in the spotlight after President Michelle Bachelet called for a deep reform of water rights and regulations and promised to promote a law to protect glaciers. Bachelet's announcement came as the country faces a severe drought and over-utilization of certain basins, and... View more »