Dominican Republic advancing El Carrizal irrigation project

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An irrigation system being built in the community of El Carrizal, in the Dominican Republic province of Azua, is approximately 80% complete, the country's water institute Indrhi reported.

Upon completion, the system will irrigate an area of 1,006ha and benefit some 350 agricultural producers. It will also help reduce the risk of flooding in surrounding communities.

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The intake system being constructed will draw water from the Jura and Sonador rivers. Gabion retaining walls have been built to prevent potentially fatal landslides.

Indrhi director Olgo Fernández said that the El Carrizal system was due to be completed shortly but added that further progress hinges on climatic conditions as heavy rainfall can make it difficult to carry out work.

Budgetary restraint across the Dominican Republic's government departments, and on Indrhi, has been a theme in the country.

Despite a US$1bn government bond issuance in 2013, construction of the Guaigüí dam, in La Vega province, has been on hold as Indrhi's budget allocation was not big enough for the project to begin, Indrhi's director of planning, Eliseo González, previously told BNamericas.