Peru's govt unveils US$3.27bn plan to upgrade Lima water infra

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peru's government has committed to investing 8.4bn soles (US$3.27bn) through 2016 to upgrade Lima's potable water and sanitation infrastructure, housing, construction and sanitation (MVCS) minister René Cornejo announced in a statement.

The resources will finance the execution of 148 water projects across the city, benefitting some 1.9mn citizens. City water utility Sedapal will be in charge of carrying them out.

As much as 5.6bn soles will go towards 67 projects that aim to expand water and sanitation networks in areas that still suffer from poor access to both. Some 363,000 connections to water and sanitation infrastructure will be activated.

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The remaining 2.8bn soles will be used to finance the revamping of the existing 26,000km of water and sanitation pipelines.

Some 700,000 citizens of Lima's over 8.4mn population lack access to potable water, while another 600,000 rely only on water cisterns, the MVCS estimates. The announced plan aims to fill such a gap.

In addition, the lack of adequate water and sanitation infrastructure is reportedly slowing down real estate developments in as many as 16 city districts, construction chamber Capeco claimed in January.

"We've put things in order so that new construction licenses are no longer issued when there is no technical capacity to provide water and sanitation infrastructure," Cornejo confirmed a few weeks later.

For full detail of the 148 projects follow this link