Roundup: Essap, Bolivia water transfer, Hidrocaribe

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paraguay's state water utility Essap finished work on a new potable water treatment plant in Santaní city, located in San Pedro department, according to a release from the utility.

The plant will have a capacity to treat 100m3/h, four times the capacity of the current plant serving the city.

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Bolivia's Trinidad municipal government finished carrying out the socialization process for the Mamoré river transfer and treatment project, state news agency ABI reported.

The project's studies were awarded to the company Pirámide for a total investment of 1.2mn bolivianos (US$173,661).


Venezuela's state water utility Hidrocaribe met with various government officials to discuss water scarcity problems in Península de Macanao, in Nueva Esparta state, according to state news agency AVN.

Although a project was recently carried out to construct a water impulse pipeline, it is not sufficient and many residents have to wait up to 70 days for water, legislators said at the meeting.

The community water board will meet on March 26 to review and approve potential projects and solutions to the problem.