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Lagunas Photovoltaic Plant

Lagunas is an energy project which is based around the utilization of potential solar energy, abundant in the Tarapacá region, to generate electricity from a clean and renewable source, contributing to the diversification of the Chilean energy matrix. The project seeks to satisfy part of the growing municipal, regional and national demand for energy. The construction and operation of a solar park composed of 40 blocks is planned, where a total of 153,920 photovoltaic panels will be installed, generating 38MW of nominal power and 45MW peak power. The generated electricity will be transmitted to the Norte Grande Power Grid via the implentation of a 66kV transmition line. It is estimated that the construction phase of the project will call for a work force of 80 people, whereas the operational stage will require 3 people for the project's upkeep.

Full Name Lagunas Photovoltaic Plant
Project Type Solar Power
Development Phase EIAs
Project Capacity 45  MW (megawatt)  Solar Power
Investment US$ 102mn
Lifespan 25

The project is located in the Pozo Almonte municipality, Tarapacá region, Chile.

 * The map coordinates provided above represent the approximate latitude and longitude, and not the exact location, of the project in question.

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Key Contacts

Name Company Contact Position
Locked content Owner / operator
CEO; Project Manager
Person in charge of EIS, SGA
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