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Formación de esquistos La Luna


The La Luna shale formation extends by the basins Llanos, Magdalena, Putumayo, Catatumbo and Cordillera Este.  It could contain 70T-500Tf3 (1.98T-14.2Tm3).   I

In 2012 was drilled the first exploratory well, Morpho-1.  In 2013 were drilled the wells Oso Pardo-1 and Mono Araña, where flow testing have been conducted. The development plan includes additional new drills to reduce risk of its shale oil position and perform a deeper prospective oil exploration.  The formation is explored by CanacolEnergy, ConocoPhillips, Gran Tierra Energy, ExxonMobil, C&E Energy, Parex Resources and Vetra E&P.


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General Information

Short names La Luna
Country Colombia
Primary activities, subsector Oil & Gas
Secondary activities

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