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BNamericas integrates its content to ensure that our clients get all the information they need to make better business decisions.

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Projects Profiles

Focusing on developmental stages of projects to identify opportunities for our clients, the BNamericas' Project Profiles include up-and-coming, greenfield, under-construction, redevelopment and historically influential projects in nearly every Latin American country. Reporters, analysts and researchers are strategically located throughout Latin America to identify opportunities early, connect with local influencers and impart insight into doing business in the region.


Company Profiles

Focusing on active and emerging companies to identify opportunities for our clients, the BNamericas' Company Profiles include historically influential and up-and-coming companies, including state-run firms, national and international operators, independents, juniors, service providers, suppliers, advisories, investment groups and financiers.


Stats Reports

Subscribe to BNamericas' quarterly Stats Reports and access data series that concisely deliver market data including industry KPIs, company earnings, production (import/export) figures, project costs, pricing and commodity forecasting, as well as topical focuses to add unique insight into doing business in Latin America. Comprehensive Data, Synthesis, Analysis, Forecasts


Intelligence Series

Focusing on emerging trends and forecasted prospects, the Intelligence Series works to identify opportunities for our clients in six leading sectors for Latin America. From an annual Industry Outlook to regular surveys of industry players to forecasts in each sector, as well as country and topical focuses, this product delves into the challenges faced and solutions developed in business practices for the region. It's real, actionable intelligence



With thousands of clients across the globe, BNamericas delivers timely, trustworthy and actionable insights into business opportunities in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

What our customers say

The information has been very useful because it has allowed me to stay up to date on companies such as junior mining companies we are interested in, and keep track of their activities.

Carlos Gallego

Exploration Geologist

It is useful; I can gather news on a specific sector in one place first thing in the morning and be informed.

Sammy Moreno P

Human Resources Technology
Xstrata Copper Chile

BNamericas has fulfilled my expectations by providing relevant, timely information and excellent service. This information is focused on Latin America and the Caribbean, which is my area of interest. The information is relevant and timely as it aggregates the latest news from the region and complements them with its own reports and analysis.

Cristian Mandachescu


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